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Saturday, 21 April 2018

Spread your wings and fly with #DefinitelyPTE

Image Credit & Copyright: Pearson India Education Services Pvt. Ltd.

What Next? This question haunts every student after his or her graduation. Surely, one can start working but also you need to stay updated in this sheer competitive world. That is when one decides to pursue further studies abroad. Planning to do something and to actually do it is completely different. Students have lot of decisions to make including tedious tasks like acquiring Passports, Student Visas, Accommodation, Maintenance etc. After a student scores well, he/she desires to get admitted to a desired university/School. One has to draw a timeline right from education loan to the things one will need to stay abroad. This is why sometimes students feel the need to have a guide to help them through all this so that it could make the process simpler.

While most students think going abroad is just about visiting fancy locations and updating it on social media, in principle, there is much more to it than that. With the advancement in technology, everything around us is changing and one needs to adapt to these changes. Remember the first day you stepped in college? Nervous and excited at the same time. Days go by and you learn to adapt to new surroundings and new people. You wish to reach far, achieve new heights to fulfill your dreams. This is where PTE Academic helps. Numerous students have been benefitted every year to make their mark abroad. Every student should come out of their comfort zone to explore new things and grow as an individual. You will be surprised to discover your new found capabilities with #DefinitelyPTE 

 PTE Academic (Pearson Test of English Academic) is the smart choice for students and migrants needing to demonstrate their English language skills for university, professional and migration applications. it is a computer-based language test that offers candidates the fastest, fairest and most flexible way of proving their English language proficiency for immigration and student visas. As an education or migration agent, PTE Academic offers you a new and more efficient way of helping your clients achieve their goals.

PTE Academic is a single 3-hour test, comprising of:

Time allowed
1 minute
Part 1
Speaking and writing
77 - 93 minutes
Part 2
32 - 41 minutes
Optional scheduled break
10 minutes
Part 3
45 - 57 minutes


PTE Academic consists of three main parts and there are 20 different question types. The test is an integrated skills test, each question type assessing one language skill or a combination of language skills. Question types are task-based, representing the range of functions and situations that students will encounter in an English-speaking environment. The table below shows the test structure, question types and time allowed.

Image Credit & Copyright: Pearson India Education Services Pvt. Ltd.

How to prepare for the above tests?

Like any test, test takers should prepare by becoming familiar with the test format and learn how to tackle questions correctly. Pearson offers test takers a range of resources designed to help maximize their scores online. There is a PTE preparation course available here PTE Preparation Course 


Learn about PTE Academic with a free test taker handbook available in 7 languages; an online tutorial providing a detailed overview of the test; plus FAQs.

Prepare for the test with a combination of free skills videos or an unscored practice test.


The Official Guide to PTE Academic containing over 200 practice questions, analysis of sample responses and test-taking tips.

Practice Tests Plus: Test takers can see if they are ready for PTE Academic with authentic practice, comprehensive guidance and strategies for dealing with every task in the test.


Visit the website for a list of PTE Academic preparation courses delivered by private language schools.


Test takers can achieve their goals sooner, and save money, when they purchase online preparation packs allowing them to practice at home. These include a fully scored practice test that tells test takers when they are ready to book a full test.

For other resources students can visit: PTE Resources

After appearing for the test, a Score Report is generated which can be interpreted in the following manner:

Image Credit & Copyright: Pearson India Education Services Pvt. Ltd.

Some of the greatest advantages of PTE Academic are:

Schedule PTE Academic up to twenty-four hours in advance.
Completed in a convenient single three-hour test session.
Results are typically available within five business days.
Testing globally over 360 days of the year, in over 200 test centers around the world.

No more frustration: Highly accurate marking makes test scores consistent.
No bias: The test is scored by computer so it doesn’t matter where test takers come from or what they look like, PTE Academic only tests their English skills.
Palm-vein scanning, randomized test forms and data forensics ensure test score validity.

 Accepted for study applications by thousands of institutions worldwide, including: 100% of Australian, New Zealand, and Irish universities and 96% of UK universities.

A growing number of universities in the USA and Canada.

Universities in Europe and Asia delivering courses in English.

Approved by the Australian and New Zealand Governments for all student visa and migration applications, and accepted by an increasing number of professional bodies.

Candidates can send their scores to an unlimited number of institutions without additional fees via their secure online account.


There are numerous PTE Academic test centers located in over 50 countries worldwide. In India, the centers are located at:

Aditya Institute of Management, Pune 
Atam Public School, Ludhiana, Punjab 
Badruka College of Commerce and Arts, Hyderabad 
Edwise Consultants Pvt. Ltd. - Coimbatore, Coimbatore 
Edwise Consultants Pvt. Ltd. (Chennai), Chennai 
Edwise Consultants Pvt. Ltd. (Pune), Pune 
Edwise Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai 
Global Opportunities, New Delhi 
Global Reach, Kolkata 
Global Reach, Nagpur 

Why wait? Simply take the test with #DefinitelyPTE that will change your future forever. Go ahead and take the test by clicking on the following link -> English Language Test