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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Tata Nano's getting a facelift!

Before I start, let me tell you guys that this blog will have all the stuff around the world but from the perspective of the Indian Consumer. The way we see the world! Moving on.

How about a nano that looks even better? Not that it looks aweful now.. It is a pretty amazing car with a pretty amazing pricetag on it!! Tata Motors may soon be launching an all-new version of the Tata Nano. They're going to make it a much better product for the Indian conditions. Chairman of Tata Motors Mr. Ratan Tata says that the Nano needs an image makeover, which is why the design of the car is being modified. 

The Nano has not been able to achieve the status as desired by Tata. Many small issues have been bogging the vehicle from achieving its true potential, as per him.
Image Courtesy: Google Images

The revamped version of the Nano should be more flamboyant than the current base version. It has been realised that Indians do not want 'cheap' cars, but would like to purchase vehicles that offer 'value for money'. It might be a great deed to fit the Nano with a diesel engine, which would truly set a benchmark in the fuel efficiency department. Let's hope that the Nano has a much better track record with its new Avatar!
Image Courtesy: Google Images