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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Ouch!! Blackberry Z10 for Rs. 43,490/-. Tweeters not so happy!

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Yea you heard it right. The newbie from Blackberry is launched in India for Rs. 43,490/-. You can surely brag about it launching in India before it launched in the US but at this price, only a handful of people would want to go for the device.

Twitter users in the country expressed amusement and anger at the sky-high price tag of Rs 43,490 for the phone and made several funny statements on the public forum.

Here are some interesting ones

‏@Craftpenter: Rs 43,490 for a Blackberry! Woohooo. Sell kindey for 50k. Buy it. And then the rest are for BBM and Internet expenses.

@VarunVandi: #Z10 for Rs 43,490 ... I think they're selling it by the kilo.. #BeingRippedOff !

@trickstreasure: Rs 43,490 for a Blackberry is like releasing a Tusshar Kapoor movie in an IMAX theatre.....and then setting the ticket prices at Rs 1500.

@womaniya_salia: "I went with Rs 43,490 in my pocket by bus to purchase Blackberry 10 today... Came back on new Bike, with some savings. #Win"

@Abhijaykapoor: A book soon going to release, A monk who sold his BlackBerry. Rs.43,490

@fakingnews: Lava mobiles showroom costs Rs 43,490

@GappistanRadio: Don't get scared after noticing the twitter trends. Rs 43,490 is the price of new BlackBerry phone and not a new petrol hike..

@GhantaBabaJiKa: BlackBerry Z10 for Rs 43,490 giving tuff competition to bajaj discover, splendor and passion..... 2 minutes silence for them

@asarode: BlackBerry for Rs 43,490 RGV can make 3 movies in that budget.

@ravibudania: BlackBerry Z10 for Rs 43,490 With tagline "kya aap c*&^%ye hain"

@Ohmmeee: #BB10 phone launched in India at Rs 43,490. It has this remarkable feature where friends laugh at you if you still have a Blackberry. :P"

(Tweet Source: Twitter)