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Monday, 17 December 2012

A printer that can print "You"..Literally!

Yeah you heard it right. This printer can replicate you. Its officially a 3D printer called Solidoodle. Of course it is a prototype now but it will soon be launched at $800. It does not work as a standalone device, you would need to have a software installed on your computer and obviously a computer connected to it. So how does it work? There's an nozzle that moves along and X and Y axes, heating up plastic drawn from a spool on the rear. Once heated sufficiently, the plastic is dispensed onto a heated platform (As in the image below) that lowers gradually as the object being printed builds up. The heat on the platform helps both to keep the printed object in place and stop the plastic from curling.

The Nozzle dispensing liquid plastic to create an object.
Cool stuff! Not for you yet! Certainly it's not a product for mainstream consumers just yet, but by any measure, It has been able to do some truly amazing things at a great price point, and brought us one step closer to the prospect of picking one up for our own self.
Here are some more images of the printer and the stuff that it can create.

Thanks for reading. More stuff to come. Cheers!