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Saturday, 30 August 2014

The UniverCell Experience

Saturday I visited the UniverCell Showroom at Causeway, Mumbai with a friend. As we entered the store, I felt something different. It was not the usual get-in-get-out feeling. As we entered the store, we felt a warm welcoming gesture from the from the personnel and (as metaphoric as it may sound) from the store by itself.

I met an executive of the store, who in spite in his busy hour, greeted us and asked us to spend as much time as we needed in the store. Other executives were helpful too. 

For me, entering an appliance retail store is like a kid entering a toy store. I can never get enough of it. I wanted to scan through each and every department and every appliance displayed in the store. Surprisingly, my friend (who is not so much of a technology person) also seemed quite interested in the gadgets I was showing her. That's when I realized how important hospitality and planning actually is. It actually makes a total "technology virgin" (pardon me those who are) interested in it. The Store's ambience and aura attracted not only my friend but many others. 

Speaking of  the Hospitality, The executives and sales persons were courteous and gentle in their approach. They were good with their words and did put forth their helping hand when the customer seems to be in a dilemma. Every person in the store was aware of all information about the department they were handling. I can say this since I have a bad habit of testing people's knowledge about technology, specially of the people closely associated with it. Not only did they help, but they made suggestions about a better product based on your needs. This depicts that the personnel working there is well trained.

Also to mention that all the devices are very competitively priced. It is accessible to almost every class of consumer and is definitely a better alternative than other stores.

Not only is this a gadget store, it is a one stop solution to all your needs. With that note, it is apt to say that the overall experience of the store has been extraordinary. I was more than satisfied with the service provided at the store and would surely recommend it to others.

This post is written exclusively for Indiblogger's UniverCell Sync Contest.