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Sunday, 6 July 2014


It was dinner time and we wanted to eat, I suggested mexican but that didn't go over well. My friends suggested Indian. I was a unfearful because I obviously knew a lot about Indian food. I was up for it. So, my friends visited and we started what we call, ¨the feast¨!

We wanted anything with Indian sauce to my surprise not spicy, and so we prepared that along with tandori paneer and a spinach side, was awesome with a little kick. The masala was excellent, we had it with paneer and the paneer was tender. The tandori was good, grilled and done right. the veggies that came with the tandori were also awesome. everything had lots of flavor. 

I warned those that weren't into spicy foods, the chips that were prepared from the start had a; so they added the sweet was yum. For desert we wanted to have the fried cheese with honey. I will tell you now, it was not not as bad as it sounds. You must like honey and love sweetness. It was a bit rich for me and the cheese balls were interesting, nothing i'd get again but worth a shot if you like SWEET; I stress sweeet. Our experience was good. We knew exactly how Masala sauce was prepared.

So this was our mouth watering perfect meal. This experience could have become even more memorable with the right glassware. Borosil provides a wide range of mixing bowls, dishes, Bowls plates etc. They say food becomes even more relishable with the right presentation and what makes presentation better than borosil´s glassware.

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