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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

The unforgettable fragrance

¨Peace¨ is what people desire when they go on a holiday or are on a break. That is exactly what I found on my trip to Igatpuri, Nashik. This was a heartfelt trip with my very close friends last monsoon. Talk about scenic beauty and that is what Igatpuri is all about during monsoons. It is the best place to visit during this season. Adding to the scenic beauty was the fresh fragrance of grass and mud. When we reached there, it was drizzling and the weather was very pleasant. Just as we reached, the first thing we wanted to do was trekking and thats what we started with. Climbing up the beautiful green mountains was not even a bit tiring as we were enjoying the light and fresh fragrance of water combined with grass and mud. The light drizzle was icing on the cake. We wanted to reach the topmost point of the hill and what we experienced on our way was mind blowing. Since it was monsoon, there were beautiful waterfalls on our way towards the top of the mountain. Without doubt, we wanted to bathe in those so we jumped in. The beautiful sound of the waterfall and the pleasing fragrance around made us feel heaven on earth. After a short dip in the waterfall, we headed towards the top and finally reached our destination. This trip was nothing but unforgettable for us. Driving back home, I realised how beautiful nature really is and how much do we miss in our everyday fast life. Natural fragrances are something which we do not experience in a busy city like Mumbai. The smell of wet grass, mud, the sound of water in a waterfall etc. This was my evocative travel experience and what I always look for in a fragrance in natural freshness. 

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